Volunteer Opportunities

You can help make the school activities and programs successful by volunteering to help. We really need your help to make it happen, whether it's helping with the Movie Night or Cookie Dought pickup or helping run the Harvest Festival. Check out the many volunteer opportunities below and sign up now!
  1. Holiday Breakfast
    Dec 02
    Holiday Breakfast
    Annual Holiday Breakfast with pancakes, pictures with Santa, crafts, and making cards.
  2. Harvest Festival
    Oct 27
    Harvest Festival
    Enjoy lots of fun carnival games, a cupcake walk, haunted house, and a Trunk or Treat!
  1. Father and Daughter Dance
    Feb 9
    Father and Daughter Dance
    A dance for the girls and their father, grandpa, uncle or special someone.
  2. Mother and Son Event
    Jan 26
    Mother and Son Event
    A great event for the boys and their mom, grandma, aunt or special someone.
  1. Apex FunRun
    Apr 13
    Apex FunRun
    A great fundraiser